Iā€™m interested in the in-between spaces, whether physically or mentally. As a biracial woman, I myself am an in-between space, but also mentally I find myself in a liminal space. I feel most comfortable in these spaces and want to explore more of them - creating my own world and collapsing realities. Through this exploration, I hope to explore my past but also my future.

I utilize a variety of mediums such as painting, photography, and video to help explore liminality. Some of my influences include Gerhard Richter, Fiona Tan, Basim Magdy, Wong Kar Wai along with influences through literature such as the author Haruki Murakami and works such as Homesick for Another World and the Lathe of Heaven.

Erin Carty was born in Germany in 1993 and has lived in many different towns and cities until settling in El Paso, TX. She currently resides in Houston, TX. She holds a BFA in Studio Art with a minor in Psychology from Texas State University and is currently a Master's of Fine Art candidate at the University of Houston.